For any inquiries related to the shop please contact us at ​​Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


We are always interested in collaborating with passionate, motivated and talented people. Whether you are a small social media influencer, photographer, or expert professional in wellness, beauty, or style and you want to share your expertise with our audience, please apply here.

It is part of Gaggler’s DNA to collaborate with labels and brands on exclusive or other products and services we think would benefit our Gaggler audience. These e-commerce partnerships are an important part of the Gaggler experience. If you are a UAE-based female-led or a women-centric brand and are interested in an e-commerce partnership, this is where can you find Dubai’s top 1,000 female entrepreneurs. Please apply here.


From time to time, Gaggler will work with brands to bring our readers a unique sponsored issue. We will only do this with brands that we love and trust, and the content will always be our own, written by the Gaggler team. We offer a variety of advertising and sponsorship services for products and services we think are perfect for our community. Why faff around with other audiences when you want to talk woman to woman?

To get more information about advertising and sponsorship with us, please apply here.