Stone Diffuser

Regular price AED 459.00

Stone Diffuser

Regular price AED 459.00

With our exquisitely made Stone Diffuser, you can elevate your environment and improve your mood. Designed to be used with our 100% pure essential oils. To ensure a durable product, our electrical diffusers have undergone extensive testing and are CE-certified.

The Stone Diffuser's numerous mist settings let you change the frequency and potency of your preferred aroma. It's very sophisticated mechanism guarantees simplicity of use and noiseless operation.

How to use

  1. Take out the outer cover and the inner cover in the direction of the arrow.  There can be leftover water in the tank after you remove it from service. Make sure that no water gets into the air outlet.
  2. Leave space in the water tank to add 20 to 25 drops of essential oil after adding clean water, making sure not to go above the water level indication.
  3. Make sure the outer cover is in place and install the inner cover in the orientation indicated by the arrow.
  4. Connect your diffuser, then select the time and optional light settings.
  • Up to 6 hours of running time
  • 500 sq.ft scenting coverage area
  • 8 RGB light setting
  • 4 Mist modes adjust stream and mist strength
  • Automatic shut-off when water is vaporized from the tank
  • Available in two colours: Black and White
  • Diffuser Size: Circumference 90 * 180 mm
  • Water Tank Capacity: 160 ml
  • Nominal Voltage: DC 24V
  • Product Weight: 790 G
  • Rated Current: 500MAh

Before cleaning, disconnect the power cord. To prevent mineral buildup when not in use, dump the water and dry with a soft towel. Use a cotton swab bathed in warm water, rubbing alcohol, or white vinegar to carefully clean out the interior to eliminate any potential accumulation. Avoid using powerful cleaning products. No liquid should be poured into the vent. The ultrasonic panel at the base of the tank should not be touched or pressed.

Only use 100% pure essential oils with the Stone Diffuser. Do not add essential oil alone, but add them to the water in the water tank. Clean the water tank every 5-7 days to avoid buildup. Do not move or tilt the machine when it is operating. Do not add water through the fog hole. Do not add water directly to the tank from the faucet. Do not block up the fog hole or the air inlet. Unplug the power adaptor from the socket when the product is not in use. Fragile product, keep out of reach of children.

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